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Grindable Materials

Since the tools produce no heat or sparks they are ideal for cutting and grinding a various type of materials including, but not limited to, Titanium, Mild Steel, 01 Tool Steel, and 303 Stainless Steel.

And if there's ever been a time where you wished you could just grind easily melted materials, such as aluminum or nylon plastics, here is your chance.

This graph shows the stock removal rates of a selection of materials. The numbers for our grinder are on the left with a conventional grinder used as a comparison.

temperature and spark free tools temperature and spark free tools

Video Demonstration

Here is video footage of us using the grinder on these metals as well as comparisons with a conventional grinder.

It even allows you to cut and grind materials that would just melt when using a conventional grinder. Here is video footage of us using our Flapdisk grinder on Aluminum and Nylon.