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Safety Details & Advantages - For Everyone's Safety

Our Non-Sparking tools minimize the risk of fire and explosions. Meaning you have nothing to worry about except the task at hand. And the rest of your facility and workers are not affected.

Non-Sparking, cold cutting and grinding is a safe alternative for personnel, the immediate surroundings and materials. It is also a cost saver. There is no need to construct a closed habitat which means no transportation of bulky freight and no stoppages of other operations to accommodate rigging operations. All you need is the cutter or grinder and do the job.

Our tools are great for working in confined spaces. There is no heat, low noise, no sharp splinters and minimum waste.

AVL Specialty Tools introduces a completely new chapter for your company. Anyone can operate these easy-to-use tools. You should, of course, always use appropriate PPE.

This graph shows the temperature rates of a selection of materials. The numbers for our grinder are on the left with a conventional grinder used as a comparison.

temperature and spark free tools temperature and spark free tools

The best reason to have AVL Tool and Die tools is that it gives you a stress-free workday. There are only 2 steps needed to get going.

Step 1: Make the clear decision to grind or cut the needed area and discuss it with the supervisor.

Step 2: Once the go-ahead is given, clear the work area, grab the appropriate AVL Tool and Die tool head, mount the air powered tool, and do the job. Quickly and easily. That's it. It may take a couple minutes to sweep or vacuum up the minimal shavings but they should all be concentrated in the immediate area. Then put away the tool and you're done.