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Specialty and Safety Tools for Hazardous Environments
and the Everyday Workplace

Do you need to grind or cut metal in an EX Area? Sick of building habitats and needing to acquire Hot Work Permits?

Well look no further. Our Non-Sparking tools mean there's no more worrying about heat and sparks in EX areas!

There are many occasions where traditional grinding and cutting tools are totally unsuitable due to things such as heat and spark creation. Using a generic grinder in an EX Area could mean you're putting everyone's life on the line - not to mention risking the very existence of your facility!

Habitats are of course an option but their use is time-consuming and expensive. By the time you've acquired the necessary Hot Work Permit, set up the habitat, and carry out the actual work - you would probably rather not have to total up the time spent, and all the costs incurred.

AVL Tool and Die offers a better way. All our tools are non sparking, and air powered, and allow you to do the job quickly. No shutdown or slowdown in production. No need for committee work or frustrating delays.

Just grab the tool, get the job done and sweep up the cuttings. Safely. Quickly. Cheaply.

HSE Advantages:

When safety is your number 1 issue and when you would like to reduce your operational costs, then you should really consider using these ground breaking tools, as they will give you the following advantages:

  • Spark free! - eliminates danger of explosion
  • Increased safety, reduced time, reduced operational costs
  • Creates no heat (average between 30°C - 60°C grinding steel)
  • Minimal dust - metal debris is large and dense
  • No sharp splinters - virtually eliminating secondary damage
  • Minimal dust - metal debris is large and dense
  • Particles are concentrated in the work area, not spread to the nearby environment
  • No toxic gases released when grinding through polyurethane coating
  • No release of hydrocarbon gases
  • Air-powered

Applications for all branches of industry

  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Engineering and contracting companies
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Mining
  • Aircraft industry
  • Railway sector
  • Maritime sector
  • Power companies
  • Remote sites
  • Repairs to military equipment

The best reason to have AVL Tool and Die tools is that it gives you a stress-free workday. There are only 2 steps needed to get going.

Step 1: Make the clear decision to grind or cut the needed area and discuss it with the supervisor.

Step 2: Once the go-ahead is given, clear the work area, grab the appropriate AVL Tool and Die tool head, mount the air powered tool, and do the job. Quickly and easily. That's it. It may take a couple minutes to sweep or vacuum up the minimal shavings but they should all be concentrated in the immediate area. Then put away the tool and you're done.