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Product Line - Flapdisk Grinder, Giant Series Grinder, DIE Grinder, and Cutting Grinder

We have 4 different types of grinders in our Non-Sparking line: the Flapdisk Grinder, the Giant Series, the Cutting Grinder and the DIE Grinder which has 6 different bit shapes.

There are many reasons why our tools are unmatched: our tool head consists of a strong alloy which is then coated with a special layer to make it even stronger.

All of our tool bits are to be used with an air tool with 1/2" connection.

Slower rotational speeds (only 750 - 4000 rpm) mean that less heat is generated.

The Flapdisk Grinder

This grinder offers both a grinding surface and a cutting edge in the same tool. This tool is ideal for cutting, welding prep, pipe beveling, preparation of flat surfaces and rust or paint removal.

The bit is 3,5 inches and runs at 1000 r.p.m.

The Giant Series

This tool comes in two different models: The straight version or the angled version. They come with a Heavy file grade or Medium file grade.

This tool is ideal for weld prep, pipe beveling, preparation of flat surfaces, grinding inside pipes or holes, and rust or paint removal.

The straight version runs at 2500 r.p.m. and the angled version runs at 2700 r.p.m.

The DIE Grinder

The DIE grinder has 6 different styles of bits: The ball, triangle, cone, obelisk, cylinder, and oval. The bits range between 1/2inch and 1 1/2inch.

This tool is ideal for grinding inside tight spaces and when you need to be very precise. It is also very useful for welding prep, pipe beveling, grinding inside pipes or holes and for rust or paint removal.

This tool runs at 4000 r.p.m.

The Cutting Grinder

This tool is a specialized bit just for cutting. The bit is 6 inches in diameter and is ideal for cutting off pipe or bar, making cut-outs in a tank or pipe, and is specialized for cutting off or through solid substrates up to 1 inch thick.

This tool runs at 750 r.p.m.